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This event has passed but we have exciting news:

We raised $920 from this event! We decided to round this number up and we have made a donation of $1000 to the Sea Turtle Conservancy thanks to this event and the support of you all! 

Please stay tuned for our next Painting with a Twist night that will support another amazing conservation organization!  

Since 1959 the Sea Turtle Conservancy has been working to save sea turtles from extinction.  They use a mixture of research, education, advocacy, and habitat protection to achieve this goal.  The funds raised from this evening of painting will be donated directly to this organization to help support their efforts! 

What else can I do to help??

There are two things that you can easily do to help protect our vulnerable sea creatures! 

First, dispose of all household chemicals responsibly.  Chemicals that are improperly disposed of find their way into our waterways, no matter how far away from water you think you are! Many counties or recycling centers take hazardous waste materials.  If ever in doubt, read the label to see how to properly dispose of a household chemical.  

Second, reduce your single use plastic!  Plastic items that make their way into the ocean and waterways often find their way into the digestive tract of animals.  Over 1 million marine animals are killed each year from ingestion of plastic debris. There are many simple things that can help you reduce your use of plastics.  Bring your own silverware to use at lunch time, use sturdy canvas bags instead of plastic bags, and consider refusing a plastic straw when eating at a restaurant.  When you start to look around you will start to notice plastic that you can cut out of your life!