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Bird Strike Sign.jpg

Birds see the world differently than we do.  Because of that, it is difficult for them to distinguish between open air and a nice, clean, beautiful window.  There are many options that can help make your home more bird friendly while still allowing you plentiful sunlight in your living room!

Adding screens to your windows helps provide a pattern for the birds to see, as well as allows you to open your windows on beautiful days without the threat of mosquitos and other insects!

Close your blinds or curtains - this helps reduce energy costs as well!

Move plants away from windows. Plants make your window look like an opening to a lush, beautiful habitat.  

Place a bird feeder directly on the window. This give birds a place to aim for to land.  

Hang decorations in your windows! This is a creative way to spruce up your living space while also creating obvious barriers for birds! 

Add window decals to your windows, like we did at the Komodo Dragon Exhibit.  These decals don't have to be plain dots or lines.  Searching online will show you many beautiful designs and provide instructions on how to properly use them! 

Below are photos of chapter members adding bird strike dots to windows of a bathroom on zoo grounds in 2024.

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