April 22nd, 2019 is Earth day - What does that mean to you?
This year Earth Day 2019 is focusing on "Protect our Species" and we would like to encourage you to take this message to heart.
Here are some suggestions that might help you on this quest:
-If you are going to be visiting the beach, research using a 'coral reef' safe sunscreen! 
-Plant milkweed and other pollinator friendly plants in your yard and avoid using pesticides
-Properly dispose of chemicals so they don't end up in your local waterway! 
-Research palm oil and why sustainability matters! 
-Find ways to reduce your single-use plastic! 
If you have any questions about ways to help protect our species, please message us! 
We have been able to support so many great organizations over the years, as well as send our members to great professional development training!  Here are some of the organizations that we have supported!
The Marine Mammal Center
The Asian Elephant Support Fund
The Mbeli Bai Study
The Giraffe Conservation Foundation
The Sea Turtle Conservancy

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