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Who we are:

The Riverbanks Zoo and Garden Chapter of the American Association of Zoo Keepers is just one of many chapters around the country. The American Assocation of Zoo Keepers (AAZK) is a 501c3 organization that is dedicated to advancing the professional development of zoo professionals, and allows members to support and bring attention to conservation projects on both the local level and the global level.

Please check out our upcoming events, and updates about what we have been up to! 

Our Mission:  

To be leaders in animal care and promote conservation action

Our Objectives:
-Support the exchange of knowledge between zoo professionals
-Make meaningful contributions to wildlife conservation locally and globally
-Exemplify the mission and core values of Riverbanks Zoo and Garden
-Educate others on why and how to protect the natural world

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Member Feature

"Not only is Anna Goldberg the genuinely nicest human being I've ever met, but she is also a gem of a zookeeper. She has been integral in enhancing the enrichment program on the Hoofstock/Pinniped team, the browse program for the whole Mammal Department , as well as the impressive training repertoire for the zoo's three rhinos. She is always thinking about cool new ways to make her animal's lives better all while cheering on her teammates. I am proud to call her a Riverbanks zookeeper, member of RBZ AAZK, and my friend!"  -Jane Solimine

Anna Goldberg, Hoofstock/Pinniped Keeper


Anna has been a Riverbanks AAZK member since first coming to Riverbanks as a keeper and has loved having it to connect with other keepers and people passionate about animals.

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