So, You Want To Be a Zoo Keeper?

We are going virtual!
We, like the rest of the world, have been monitoring COVID-19. We are coordinating our response with other activities and with The Riverbanks Zoo and Gardens.

Date: TBD


What do koalas eat?

How do you train a lion? 

What degree does a zoo keeper need? 

This annual event is a learning experience for anyone aged 10-18 years old who are interested in zoo keeping as a career! Our panel of experts will guide a discussion about everything related to this unique career path, from necessary education and internships to cleaning, training, and feeding animals.  

This event will be run by a panel of zoo experts and actual zoo keepers.

Going virtual has it's pluses and minus, and we are working hard to make this event as similar and as engaging as an in-person event would be! This Zoom event will include a presentation with videos, and a panel of zoo keepers to provide information and answer questions.  We will have a guest appearance by one of our resident ambassador animals too! 

Because of the changes, there are two positives: we can charge less for the event and we can accept more students! 

Registration is now CLOSED!

Please watch for updates about our next session!

Email for more information.