So You Want To Be a Zoo Keeper?

April 3,2020 Update: 

We, like the rest of the world, have been monitoring COVID-19. We are coordinating our response with other activities and with The Riverbanks Zoo and Gardens.

This event is now officially cancelled.

We will schedule a new class when we feel that it is safe to do so. 


You should have received an email with further information but beginning on Monday, April 6 we will be issuing refunds of your ticket purchase.  When the COVID-19 risks have died down we will attempt to schedule another event, hopefully in the fall. For now we decided that the best course of action was to cancel the event entirely.


We will be issuing refunds to everyone on April 6 unless you specify otherwise! As we are a conservation non-profit organization, you also have the option to just cancel your registration and we will donate your $15 payment to our Rhino Conservation Fundraiser coming up later this year: Bowling for Rhinos! Your full $15 donation will go 100% to conservation efforts to help save rhinos in the wild! We can issue you a tax-deductible receipt for this donation if you request one.  You must let us know at by April 6 if you would like this option! 

What do koalas eat?

How do you train a lion? 

What degree does a zoo keeper need? 

This annual event is a learning experience for anyone aged 12-18 years old who are interested in zoo keeping as a career! Our panel of experts will guide a discussion about everything related to this unique career path, from necessary education and internships to cleaning, training, and feeding animals.  

This event will be run by a panel of zoo experts and actual zoo keepers. Near the end, participants will have the chance to go on a short tour to a behind-the-scenes area of the zoo! This tour is not guaranteed to see animals - it is to showcase some of the topics talked about by zoo keepers and allow participants to ask more questions in more of a small-group setting! 

Registration is now closed for the time being.

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