So You Want To Be a Zoo Keeper?

September Update: 

We, like the rest of the world, have been monitoring COVID-19. We are coordinating our response with other activities and with The Riverbanks Zoo and Gardens.

This event is going virtual! 

More details will follow, but we will be holding a virtual version of this event! Stay tuned for registration and event information soon!


What do koalas eat?

How do you train a lion? 

What degree does a zoo keeper need? 

This annual event is a learning experience for anyone aged 12-18 years old who are interested in zoo keeping as a career! Our panel of experts will guide a discussion about everything related to this unique career path, from necessary education and internships to cleaning, training, and feeding animals.  

This event will be run by a panel of zoo experts and actual zoo keepers. Near the end, participants will have the chance to go on a short tour to a behind-the-scenes area of the zoo! This tour is not guaranteed to see animals - it is to showcase some of the topics talked about by zoo keepers and allow participants to ask more questions in more of a small-group setting! 

Registration is closed for the time being.

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